Buying Online

Purchasing Sinn watches online can be a complicated task. If you conduct a search for "Sinn Watches" on any search engine, you'll come across numerous websites claiming to sell "brand new" Sinn watches. However, there are crucial aspects you might be unaware of:

The majority of these websites are situated outside North America.

Many fail to explicitly mention that their prices exclude import duties, taxes, brokerage charges, and, in most states, sales taxes on the import. Consequently, you are responsible for adding these costs to the displayed watch price.

A considerable number of these websites engage in selling grey market Sinn watches without authorization from Sinn. Their stock may not have directly come from Sinn and could be shop worn, used, repaired, refurbished, or acquired from other sources.

Websites or retail stores claiming to be authorized Sinn dealers located in overseas countries like England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc., are not authorized to sell or ship watches directly to the US or Canada. Doing so violates Sinn's agreement terms and results in the sale of a grey market watch.

If a US-based website or retail store other than WatchBuys claims to be an authorized Sinn dealer or offers "brand new" Sinn watches, it is not authorized by Sinn. This means they are selling you a grey market watch that did not originate directly from Sinn.

In summary, for residents of the US or Canada seeking to purchase a brand new Sinn watch online, the sole authorized and endorsed source by Sinn is WatchBuys has a longstanding partnership with Sinn, ensuring that customers in the US and Canada receive authentic, factory fresh Sinn watches.

When you buy your new watch from WatchBuys as a US or Canadian resident, it guarantees proper registration and recording by serial number and model for future warranty and service work. Additionally, it ensures that if you decide to resell your watch, you possess the correct boxes, papers, and warranty card stamps to prove its purchase from the authorized North American source chosen by Sinn, significantly impacting resale value.